lunes, 6 de marzo de 2017

Edmodo 77M

It is no doubt that the users of edmodo reach 77 millions, because Edmodo is very great learning platform. Okay, I will tell you my story in using this amazing platform. First, I used it in teaching writing. I made my video about the material and I uploaded in Edmodo before the material was taught. So that, my students could watch it before coming to the class, means that they would have prior knowledge. I also uploaded other resources such as books and articles. My students can access edmodo whenever and wherever they are. Then, I asked them to submit their tasks in edmodo. And, wow edmodo is also completed with the scoring system. Besides, the parent can control her son or daughter by joining in edmodo. It gives everything what the teacher and students, also parents need in an educational world.

Those why I like teaching using Edmodo because there are many benefits in benefitting Edmodo. It can develop the students’ motivation in writing and the use of technology in the classroom. By using flipped classroom and using edmodo in my class, there are several benefits which could be obtained categorized in the term of flexibility, feedback, students prior knowledge, efficiently use time, community, and autonomous learning.  It can be said that most of the students become an independent learner. They also could study the material flexibly and efficiently in using time and could build the community between teacher, students even parent. Congratulation and thank you so much Edmodo! I do hope that edmodo will always improve the quality to give contribution in education. I also hope that the user of edmodo will always improve.

 Once again, Thanks Edmodo  

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